Are we all here again for other signs of the rapture being close? Hang in for more points of interest particularly as they relate to the nearness of the seven years of tribulation. Seven years of terror in which you do not want to participate.

The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.” Revelation 16:12 Headline: In Pictures: Disaster looms in Syria as Euphrates dwindles

John predicts in Revelation 9:16–18 that these kings of the east will boast a standing army of 200 million. This is a bold prophecy, especially when you consider that at the time he was writing, there weren’t 200 million people on the planet. However, as you read this today, China has an army of more than 200 million, just as the Bible predicted …. (Bible predicted the number, not the country.)

America’s political status USA has dwindled as a strong independent international power. It is my belief that Democratic leaders under both President Obama and President Biden would like to be a member of a world global system.

Seventy/eighty years ago people questioned how the two witnesses in Jerusalem would be heard world wide. There is now no question because of the advancement of technology.

President Trump moved US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish nation. Donald Trump Is the Most Pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel President in History President Trump fulfilled a key campaign promise in 2018, when he moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (googled)

But the most significant sign(s) is seen by the fulfillment of prophesies regarding the land of Israel. Those I will point out in another blog.

I hope you are becoming excited to see how soon the Rapture might take place, and that we all evaluate ourselves to be sure nothing except gravity is between us and Jesus. He will take care of the gravity problem. 😀

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  1. robindd4l says:

    Can’t wait to read because you know how much I love bible prophecy! Excellent post!

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