stink bug

Oh, please, tell me it’s not true – the idea that the attractancy between boys and girls is odor.  Such folly!

So guys, don’t bother to smile or try out a new hair-do.  A girl might bolt at the slight perturbation in her system caused by a smile or good looks; she wants stink!  Well that comes easy, however, you must proceed with caution in the shower.  Don’t bother with soap and wash clothes; you want to guard your treasured “just-finished-my-five-mile-run” pheromones.   Just enough water to wet your hair so you will pass coach’s inspection – and you will still stink enough to attract girls.

As a back-up plan, you might consider dangling from a tree branch in the courtyard, hooting like an owl just in case smelling like a stink bug doesn’t get the girl you want!


Image: Pixabay

Wordle challenge.  Use at least ten of the following words in a story

Please, cloth, branch, perturbation, dangle, folly, attractancy (the capacity of pheromones to attract), bolt, treasure, proceed, courtyard, place



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15 Responses to GUYS, A SMILE & NEW HAIR DO WON’T DO

  1. Wednesday morning giggles. Love it, Oneta! 😊

  2. LOL! Very funny. I recently explained to this older man that the best way to get a girl’s attention is to shoot rubber bands at her or stick her pig tails in an ink well. Girls really like that kind of thing! I was of course, being a total smart alec, but I do take note of the fact that they now have a date.:)

  3. Ha! Ha! such nice warped comedy

  4. Jules says:

    You remind me of an odor commercial we’ve got around these parts where they say the teen (or anyone else) who has become too familiar with his own smell has become ‘nose blind’…
    Some one got paid well for that combination of words ‘Nose blind”. – unfortunately it wasn’t me 🙂

  5. Faye says:

    I had a giggle. Thank you. Truthfully I knew boys who really did think that way. Not my idea of a man I wanted to live with……ie spelt like he lived in a pig pen. Writing and imagination are indeed such fun. So too is the expression of the truth and the God Stuff. Blessings!

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  7. Carol Anne says:

    lolling! giggling like a mad woman! oxoxoxox

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