No open-minded person can see a picture of a baby in the womb and argue that it is not a baby – a human baby!  That a man can make that legal – even allowing for the mother to give a “let live” or “die” sentence to that child after birth, is vicious abuse and dreadful evil. It is child sacrifice to the whims of one’s own selfishness.

In Leviticus 20, God’s judgement is made plain for both “the man who offers his child” and “the man who looks on and does nothing.”  I am a “man” (woman) who looks on.  I am raising my voice against the practice of abortion.  Abortion at any stage of development is evil, but in our “enlightened” culture we can never claim we do not know that a fetus which can live outside the womb is a baby.

Two years ago I wrote a series of posts regarding abortion.  At that time I was went into detail and was more “PC” in my handling of the issue, even admitting that there were circumstances in which I would choose abortion.  It is worth reading and will show that I am not flying off the handle without much thought to the issue.  Some of the links are listed below.

But two years ago, I don’t believe even the Democrats would be so “bold” as to celebrate the signing of a document such as the Virginia governor did recently.  Celebrate?  Applaud?  A lights display?

“The man who stands by” will suffer the same punishment as the man who offers his child.

God says in Isaiah 49:15  “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?  Though she may forget, I will not forget you!  See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands and your walls are ever before me.”

I do not forget that God forgives any and all sins that are brought to him in humility and sincere repentance.  As he forgives me for “standing by” he will forgive the woman who has aborted her baby and even the doctor or governor or any other person who helps in that action.  His love and forgiveness are boundless.

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  1. People are blinded by the enemy of their souls. What other explanation can there be?
    The Virginia governor spoke of when a baby is born, “making it comfortable,” and “then a conversation takes place.” What if a part of that conversation is, “Gee, Doc, we were hoping for a boy, and this baby is a girl. We don’t want it.” So the baby is killed for being a girl. How in the world can anyone imagine that a win for women’s rights???

    • oneta hayes says:

      And the Dems in the Senate blocked bill that would prevent this kind of thing. Evil has blinded eyes and hardened hearts. I just read about this bill; the next thing I read was regarding a woman who neglected the health of her dog; the judge ruled against the woman and the writer concluded that was it was due to people who interceded for the dog because “the dog couldn’t speak for itself.” I haven’t known of any newborns who could speak for themselves either. If the medical profession does not stop this kind of thing, I haven’t much hope for continued compassionate care for people who might be deemed to no longer serve a purpose!

  2. this is a topic in tomorrow’s post…the more I think and ponder and seek direction…I just feel this is the issue of our prayer…a prayer for those whose voices are being silenced.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I think, Julie, that every Christian has their own “means/ways” of entering into prayer that often includes acknowledging God’s goodness, repentance, forgiving others. I think that is not so much what you are looking for as specific needs such as abortion, addictions, materialism, election results, sexual sins, gender issues, etc. I agree that now is a time when Christians should join their voices against the sin of abortion. The country will just move more into extreme such as infanticide, euthanasia, etc if it is not stopped by the cry of God’s people. If we were together tonight I would like to pray for the Trump/North Korea issue. Too late for that, but these kinds of issues could be called as you see them approach. The Venezuela situation also needs our attention in prayer. I kept on too long even raising more questions, didn’t I? Just throw a topic out and we will pray until you feel another topic is called for. Trust Jesus who is placing the concern in your hands. Love your concern.

  3. grAnnie Roo says:

    Murder is one thing. But taking a life that survived the procedure and lives on its own is not only murder it us cowardice and evil.

  4. Faye says:

    Any individual or Nation that does not live by all Biblical foundational principles of human rights. I mean the rights of the unborn and all the rights of the masses to be not living in fear of violence and disease prejudice and hostility will one day soon face judgment. How many nations will be judged as GOATS and how many indeed with be the SHEEP.

  5. Oy I quite agree. I always make sure I speak out about the Culture of Death with all its lies and empty promises

  6. Jake Byrd says:

    Wow, I really appreciate a lot that you have to say in this post. I especially like some of the Scripture that you shared which I don’t believe gets talked about enough in talks about the abortion issue. I recently wrote a piece providing a concise case for the pro-life view. I would love to hear what you think!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I read your blog on this subject. It is well done and truthful. I am tired so I scanned the last few paragraphs. I have trouble focusing on long articles and generally do not read them. So you did well by getting me hooked for most of it. I bless you for your boldness in taking this stand. I did leave a follow so I will see you more. I have some issue with when I think the fetus (baby) has what I call “spiritual life.” However I know mothers who have lost babies very early who believe their baby will be in Heaven waiting for them. Scripture says “Life is in the blood” so I definitely think abortion after the heart beats is murder. However, I believe it is a sin to stop the pregnancy at any stage – even the morning after pill. That does not sound as bad as murdering a baby but a sin against God. Sin of rebellion for sure. I cannot deny that a human being begins at fertilization.

      • Jake Byrd says:

        Thank you Oneta, I appreciate your feedback, encouragement, & the follow! I also appreciate your willingness to read it late at night! Those are some interesting points about the spiritual life and blood flow being indications of life beginning. Honestly, I haven’t thought too much on that.

        I think I’m at a place where I believe the soul is given or manifested at conception & life is already present as the fetus is developing. This is because it seems that the Bible indicates that the soul doesn’t need blood, and in the context of the womb, I’m not sure the existence of human life requires blood flow. Although, once blood has entered the fetus and the heart starts beating there is reliance on that blood (I think supplied by the mother?) to sustain the other organs that form, the blood then becomes what keeps the child alive. I will admit, it is hard to understand that transition. But I think that once the baby is separate from the mother, their blood is then what allows the body to sustain their physical life.

        I hope that made some sort of sense. Otherwise, I apologize for the confusion (I’m also tired)! The whole concept is confusing and hard to piece together. Life is ascribed to breath and blood in Scripture, and yet a soul is the inner being of a person which can be argued is also “alive” or animates the body, and the context of those elements in the womb is hard to decipher!

        Regardless, I am very glad that you also hold a stance against abortion and believe it to be a sin!

        • oneta hayes says:

          Here I am late getting back to you again. Thanks for giving me the honor of brainstorming this subject with you. This we both know. Children are a gift from God. Aborting the chance for the child to live at any stage after conception is an egregious sin whether it is called murder, abortion, or woman’s choice. Obviously a new physical life has begun as soon as DNA is established. Your argument that spiritual life (God breathed) begins at fertilization is as sound as any. Don’t back away from it because of questions thrown at you. That is scriptural sound. There will be questions, but there are questions in all the theories we can come up with. The answer is to have faith and follow the scripture as plainly as you can study them out. Good night.

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