It seems to me that most Democratic Presidential nominees are vying for who can best do everything for everybody (even illegals) with the top 70% of the rich man’s money!  Guess how long that will last.  Even if the rich stayed in USA and gave up their wealth, it would only be a penance compared to the need.  SO…

Is it Socialism America wants?

In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, ‘Make us your slaves, but feed us. (Dosteovsky’s Grand Inquisitor.)

My Face Book Friend, Clyde M. Hughes, makes the following remark:

And Sam* will say, “Yes, I will give you a food debit card and you will give me your dignity. Yes, I will send into your home a monthly check, and you will send out your husband and your children’s father. For your life of ease your children will die on the streets and in the prisons and will have their own children as nonchalantly as an alley cat has litters because your God has been shunned away and I will become your god. Because I will pay you, you will be my slave and the more I pay you the more you will vote for me. Your mind will be mine and your heart will no longer be yours. The slavemaster’s whips are now intertwined within your head and heart. You possessed the greatest opportunities of any people and sold it for a bowl of pottage. Sadly, sadly, more than any generation, you have been duped.” – CMH 

Clyde M. Hughes

*Uncle Sam-my edit. Oneta

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  1. I loved reading the Grand Inquisitor in college.
    The professor was a young hippie type who came to class daily barefoot.
    He announced on day one he was an avowed atheist who had been raised Catholic.
    When we had class discussions over the book, I always took the side of Jesus.
    Our final was on the book.
    Up until that time, I had mostly Bs in the class.
    He was not one to be about grades.
    I wrote obviously from the side of Christ in the paper.
    I handed in the paper and got in my already packed up car to head back home for the summer.
    When the grades were mailed out, I had gotten a D in the course—
    I was livid.
    I wasn’t the smartest apple but I had actually enjoyed this lit class and knew that surely I would get a B in the class.

    I immediately called the University and asked for the English Dept.
    I was told that the professor had left the University and headed to Arizona taking his grades with him.
    I had no recourse.
    Times were different then.

    The D remained and I was on probation come fall term.
    But following the fall, I was off probation and continued on.

    Two years later when I was a senior, I saw the guy back on campus.
    But by then, I just opted to let it go.

    That was my first taste of animosity against my faith.
    It wouldn’t be the last.

    On another note….

    I saw on the news last night that AOC of the fab 4 has decided that we must now do away with our prison system.
    We need to “decarcerate” vs incarcerate…

    I think that folks like Ted Kaczynski, Eric Robert Rudolf, that recently discovered 79-year-old mass serial killer, et al should all go live with AOC so she can rehabilitate them rather than punish them.

    Have you officially​ announced your candidacy yet…you know Kathy is your VP

    • oneta hayes says:

      Julie, I have decided I do not want to maintain relationship with the Dems even though I am sure I have more common sense than those running. Common sense is not highly valued in that group. Don’t think I could beat President Trump – besides he is better at the presidency than I would be, so all is off for this term. Having Kathy as a VP would have been tempting – common sense a’plenty. 😀
      I was on the cusp of the radicals taking over the colleges and universities. Had no real problem except for one prof who believed I was too naive and liked to stick it to me if he had a chance. No grade problem. It must be hard for conservatives these days. I have been amused at AOC, but there is tremendous danger in not taking her seriously. T’would be nice if her sort would sponsor a few illegals and prisons sorts by letting them come live with them. Who could arrange a “adoption” program for all the socialists to help those whose votes they buy. They could be mini-presidents in their own kingdoms, share their wealth, pay their insurance, on and on. Oh, I just woke up – I’m not woke enough to keep dreaming. 😀

  2. Faye says:

    Politics and how it is handled in different countries amazes me. We in Oz have finally been advised to ‘simplify’ all our thoughts. It is not about a political party here anymore it is absolutely about who is standing for family values, who is standing for the rights of expressions and freedom of Christian faith and also the people who stand on behalf of ALL CITIZENS not just a select or preferred few. It is all about who is representing your LOCAL COMMUNITY. Who really cares about local environmental issues and are not wasting time on side tracks but attending to what is needed right here, right now!. Also someone who is attuned to what is happening spiritually in the world. What indeed would Jesus do?. How would Jesus advise you to vote.
    When HUNDREDS of thousands prayed in this country we saw a miracle occur. How did it happen?; Questions are still circulating. HOW? HOW? HOW?.

  3. oneta hayes says:

    Well, Faye, that’s how I feel about our current President. How? How? How? Only because the grace of God allows us to “repent and return.” What your country sees of President Trump is what the media shows you. I do congratulate you on your new leader. He seems to be a God’s man of good sense. So is Mr. Trump. Never a man gave so much and reaped so much hate from his effort. It basically comes down to the abortion issue. Pres. Trump is against abortion and is/will appoint judges who he believes will interpret the Constitution as it is written instead of believing in a “living” Constitution which should change according to what society/culture demands. Almost single handedly he has turned our economy around. Most people employed, lowest unemployment for all groups – women, Hispanics, Blacks; higher wages.

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