office in a box

I did something that would make Santa envious!  It was the same thing for all eight of my great-grands, five to twelve years old.  A small storage/file box (not necessarily Christmas theme) in which I put the following items: hole punch, stapler, rubber bands, sticky pad (2 sizes, note and tab), pencil, pen, staples, and small lined tablet, a pack of cashews and pecans, all topped off with a small size (large print) Word Find in 6 yr and older.

I bought the boxes this summer on sale, most of the other items at Dollar Tree or Dollar General.  They cost me about $13 dollars each.  I divided the package of pencil and pens instead of buying each separately.  The young ones kept their “office box” close by all afternoon, and as you can see the older ones went for the Word Finds with boxes near by.

It was unnecessary to wrap these gifts; just stick on the name.  I removed all the packaging from the items in order to make them fit in the boxes.  

Santa never had it so easy!

word find



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2 Responses to OFFICE IN A BOX

  1. budding writers like their great grand mama 🙂

  2. Faye says:

    What a GREAT IDEA!.

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