I have been reading the book of Joshua and am impressed with how important it was to God that the tribes have very specific borders.  He let them search out the land and come back with sections described and Joshua drew lots.  One tribe complained. They thought they should get more land because they had a greater number of people than others.  God said they could have more space by going to the hill country and work it out.  A part of the Bible generally considered boring but has a significant lesson.  A bit of the reason for this post with it’s random thoughts today.

A nation has to have control of what goes on inside her area of authority (borders, boundaries) to pay the budget and keep law and order.

If someone comes into that nation, he needs to have permission and be subject to that authority.  If he does not, he is there illegally.  That makes him an illegal alien as opposed to a legal alien.  It does not mean an illegal person.  It is not derogatory; it is descriptive.  If a person is driving without a license, he is an illegal driver.  No getting around that.

Growing up I we did not refer to illegal aliens.  We said wetbacks.  We did not intend it to be derogatory but I can certainly identify with those who do not want to be called wetbacks.  Sorry for our past ignorance.

Daniel was a  illegal alien from Mexico.   Daddy loved Daniel and Daniel was treated almost like a family member – one who would disappear as regularly as he would appear.  I’m sure he didn’t get much pay beyond room and board.  He was honest and reliable, a good helper.  I doubt that he worked very hard; if he wasn’t there, it didn’t seem to matter a lot.   Daniel spoke English but I think my brother learned quite a bit of Spanish from him. We lived a thousand miles from the border.  I don’t know what kind of transportation he had.

I have told you before about my school days of teaching classes in which about 20% were Mexican.  As far as I remember these family were law abiding, hard workers, quite neighbors, and had strong compact families.  No one ever verbalized it but I think others, like I, figured they were motivated to stay out of the limelight. We didn’t have time nor interest in border security.  I don’t recall that any of them were ever sent back to Mexico.

Things have changed a lot.  Those people would never have marched under a flag from Mexico.  They learned English fast because they had to.  Once we started teaching English as a second language, things changed.

What “label” should I use? I don’t want to offend.  Mexican, Mexican American, Hispanics, Latin Americans, Spanish, Latinos?  Can someone help me out?

I support a border wall if that is what it takes to cut down the crime that crosses the southern border.  I do think President Trump has made positive changes on the problem, largely because of his foreign policy.

I believe entering without proper documentation is a crime, even though it is awfully hard for me to see Daniel as a criminal. I would love to know that he finally became a United States Citizen.  I know he would wear the label with pride.

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  1. Glenda Boone says:

    Same thoughts about ‘Mexican Tony’.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for the comment, Glenda. I wonder if Tony and Daniel traveled together. Do you know? I’m sure Clyde would remember. I’m sure you would agree that we had no “prejudiced” feelings against them. They were family when they chose to be. I think Granddad Jim let fellows wonder in and out of his place pretty much like this.

  2. I think God’s word to Joshua is extremely pertinent to us now— boundaries and laws — if you find it unfair- God may send you to another lot of land to work it for your people— I agree about border security, I agree with laws ensuring such- yet our land is choosing lawlessness over law under a misguided and wrong ideal of equity and acceptance— acceptance comes when those individuals do what they are required to do to in order to let go of what was and to become anew— much like we must to follow Christ— we must renounce the old self and the ways of the world and abide by His way and His word.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for expanding on my thoughts. You see the comment above. Glenda is my cousin who lived a few miles from my family. They had Tony like we had Daniel. Tony and Daniel would certainly not have joined our families in order to make us live like them – and the country from which they came.

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