An unrecognizable utility workman carries out repairs on a transformer connected to an 11000 volt power line.*

Thanks much to the Oklahoma Gas and Electric workers who kept us through a “no-holds-barred” kind of winter storm! We had no outages at our house. Amazing work as the workers seemed to anticipate and prevent many power failures.

These workers are courageous and willing. Can you imagine having the nerve to climb those icy poles and work with that intricate wiring? I’d be wondering what will get me first: freeze to death, electrocution, or a wire noose around my neck caused by me becoming twisted up in electric wires. 😀

Thanks, utility workers for the amazing job you performed.


Thanks to Linda G. Hill for the SoCS:Nerve

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 20, 2021


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  1. shoreacres says:

    Glad you “weathered” the storm. We’re well above freezing here, now, and the ice and snow is gone. I have heat and water, although we’re being asked to boil drinking water for a couple more days or so. I lost power only for a few hours, but down here it was grid issues. We didn’t have enough ice to damage the trees. A hundred miles north, that wasn’t true.

  2. Glad your power kept chugging!

  3. Yayy, glad you stayed warm, Oneta! We had a couple of little power outages here which is pretty normal, but they actually got things squared away pretty quickly which was really nice.

  4. Faye says:

    we had power outages and scrambled tv and in internet but ours here was heat and storm related. Glad you are ok your way. Cheers!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Irritating either way. However I do prefer outages due to cold. The food can stay in the garage. I don’t want cold in the house, but we had plenty of wood for the fireplace and Sammy was a willing fire keeper.

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