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One tooth extraction. Two trips to the Emergency Room. Three trips to oral surgeon. Sixteen home injections. Unknown calls to Co-ag Clinic. Beautiful blend of purple/black/blue        belly. This – the eighth day – I’m okay. *********** Image:  … Continue reading

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Her scientist husband was at it again.  It infuriated her, amused her, interested her, and drew her to him in spite of his oddities.  She admired his inquisitive brain.  This time he had somehow made a magnetic field in the … Continue reading

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Just making my way through the one-way aisle by my dining room table and thinking, “I declare if I didn’t know this was my house, I would think an old woman lives here!” Smile, my friends, while I pick up … Continue reading

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A while back I grabbed a bubble gum.  Removed the paper, popped it (the gum) into my mouth, poked a nice thimble-type bubble with my tongue and tried to blow it up. I had forgotten how! Do you hold the … Continue reading

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      Much ado these days about the necessity and use of cars.  I vote big time in favor of having one.  Perhaps the day will come when I have to turn in my license because I have aged … Continue reading

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I’ve been working too hard.  Found a skit from years ago.  Decided to share a peek in our morning routine.  Just enough truth to be funny I hope!  😀 ONETA/SAMMY – MORNING ROUTINE – LONG HAPPY MARRIAGE Alarm clock goes … Continue reading

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THE NATION YELLS “WHAT IS WRONG?” **************** I am a product of a fractured generational culture.  I have given up. With the permission of the youth pastor, I went to youth services for several months;  engaged some senior ladies to … Continue reading

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Children are a blessing from the Lord. These, plus five, make up our great grands. Fruitful minds, eternal souls, eager hands. Our influence extended to the third and fourth generation. Preparing citizens for our “God blessed” nation. Hiding fears for … Continue reading

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TO SAMMY- 66 YEARS OF HOME Home, fortunate to be my pleasant place; my hubby and I talk face to face. Home, all my belongings there I stash; got a lot of stuff, just not cash. Home, cars can park … Continue reading

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(A copy and paste from four years ago – instead of eighty-one, I’m now eighty-five and Alayna is twenty-six.) The browning album crackled from the weight of the fading pictures as my grandchildren turned the page of the wonderland that … Continue reading

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