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I  owe, I  owe so off to work you go! Not many people stay so pleasant when going off to work on a hot summer day.  Hats off to my hubby – my darling, dashing Englishman.  He decided to be … Continue reading

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OK, I cheated!  This is little doll letting her finger nails get dry is the youngest member of my family.  I’m the oldest.  That’s enough similarity for me to use her picture instead of mine.  😀 I am celebrating my … Continue reading

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They say I’m in my son’s house Too old to live alone They say he’ll care for me But I know that cannot be. My son is a baby – he is only three.   Challenge picture prompt – write … Continue reading

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Gladys remembered the past when she was a willowy graceful figure climbing the scaffold of success, aware of the wolf whistles she would be receiving that day.  Vim, vigor, and vitality abounded in her blood!  She was a hot tomato.  But … Continue reading

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“I’ll deny it,” I thought.  “I’ll tell them some boys came by and vandalized it.” I’ve driven for seventy years with only a speeding ticket now and then, no serious accidents.   Now this is the third one in six months.  They … Continue reading

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(Posting an edited re-blog today.  Thinking of my beautiful granddaughter; wishing her blessings as her college graduation is near.  Story begins about sixteen years ago.  My thoughts as the album pages turn.) ************ The browning album crackled from the weight … Continue reading

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The junior high teacher was pointing out that most everyone’s desires are progressive.  Whatever or how much you have is never satisfactory for long.  My son raised his hand and said, “Then you ought to start with a Volkswagen.”   How … Continue reading

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Visiting the Chatterers

I’m sitting in with the BrewNSpew Chatterers today.  My first visit so be nice to me. I got a kick out of seeing what I had put on Facebook two years ago.  They had sent to me the status I … Continue reading

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Knock, knock. Who’s There? 2017

Some of you know that I had just recovered from an aortic-dissection  and an acute heart attack when I started blogging.  That plus my age loomed large as I evaluated this question.  Why did God choose to  allow me to … Continue reading

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My Blogging Friends, we have some things in common to be thankful for: The ability to read The ability to spell and write coherent sentences Discretionary funds which allow the equipment necessary for social media Physical strength, health, and mobility … Continue reading

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