baby jesus in box large

The Baby Jesus has been tucked away;  No longer with him do the children play.

The Little Babe can’t see the light; He’s in a closet dark as night.

We don’t see where he lays his head; Far underneath the guest room bed.

He’ll be back in a future day; When the merchants want their pay.

But for now He has been laid to rest, He will come next year as our special guest.


Cynical, huh?  A chat about that:

Perhaps that is as it should be.  We quit seeing things that are on display year round.  I left a nativity scene out all year last year.  No one really looked after a couple of months.

Sort of like churches.  They are everywhere; they are open every week of the year.  We take comfort in knowing they are there in case we want to “see” them; in case we want to know the God/Man Jesus, who grew up.  That is a good place to find out about Him as a grown Man and as a Reigning King.  It is a good thing to know The Babe grew up; it is a good thing to give special attention to the Birthday of the Babe.

Sad to say and as much as I regret it, it might be a good thing that some make money in promoting his birthday.  Without the merchandising element, how often would we remember the birth of the Baby?

So having that insight, what will I do next year when I see Christmas trees in October?  Groan, most likely.  😀  Perhaps I should say “Thank you, God, for slamming me with a Christmas tree to remind me of Christmas.  I’m glad Christmas lasts for more than one day a year.”

The Holy Spirit uses all sorts of methods and people to get his message out.  Sort of like “If we do not praise Him, the rocks and the hills will do so.” 

Even Santa?  I’ll be back about that.  😀  





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  1. good food for thought Oneta—I do grouse about the merchandising and the earlier they seem to push it year after year…but maybe, just maybe…it’s also a need reminder for me!
    Thank you!!! Happy New Year my friend!

  2. All excellent points. God bless.

  3. Salvageable says:

    Some of us leave the tree and the manger scene standing for all twelve days of Christmas. A few days into January is soon enough to begin disassembling Christmas. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Do you start early also? All my Christmas is out until after New Year’s also. It came out just after Thanksgiving. However, the merchants put Christmas on sale pretty fast.

  4. Faye says:

    Thank you sincerely Oneta. Your thoughts are surely aligned with mine. We leave all our Christmas decorations and lights, tree and nativity and much of the frothy stuff like ‘santa hats on chair backs on our porch.’ We leave it all until the 6th January…when we pact it all away.,Why? because it was ‘traditional’ back when to welcome the Three wise men. Hence the 12 days of Christmas …..waiting for Epiphany it was called. Today they lump them all ALLThree Kings and animals and baby and parents, in the manger and forget them ALL on boxing day. Thank God our LIVING LORD can not be shut away in a BOX. Many churches are still trying.
    But…….the world has changed so much ……The Christ who lives and died on the Cross has not changed. I leave out the ‘reminders so conversations about why we live for HIM and Him alone are easier amongst the ‘trivia’. Blessings and Peace.

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