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I have rid myself of many bed linens.  Although I almost always strip the bed, wash and dry the sheets and remake the bed on the same day, I was careful to keep an extra pair of sheets just in case.  Recently I checked my #2 pair and find my fitted sheet missing. 

I can understand losing a flat sheet.  The kids might make a tent out of it or Sammy might have used it as an exercise mat, or Roger might have used it to catch paint drops.  But I can think of no reason that a fitted sheet might be snitched. 

Having this active mind of mine, I remembered the place sheets have been important in my life.  The luxurious feel of bed sheets made out of four feed sacks, smelling like artic ice when they were brought in, having been  determined dry enough to take off the clothesline.  Sometimes they needed a extra tug to break the ice where the clothespin attacked and the wind did not reach.

Women of that day and social standing were acting in the Proverbs 31 description of a fine lady. It says “she maketh fine linen and selleth it.” Well, it wasn’t very fine and they didn’t sell but they did what they could with what they had.

First twin size bedsheets at the college dorm.  No longer dried on a line outside.  I don’t remember where I did laundry those days. My cousin roommate and I ironed our sheets.

How hard it was to make a bed when the bed was surrounded by three walls in our maiden trailer home. The bed was built in just to fit. I labored as I stretched across the bed and pulled the far side of the mattress up far enough to tuck in the sheets.

Then I remember my first experience with the fitted sheet!  Surely we were far behind the rest of the world when Sears sold the first fitted sheets in Oklahoma City.  They were nice—accept for folding (story for another day).  So I have done some online research, “history of the fitted sheet.” 

I find that I really did live when the fitted sheet was invented.  It was invented by a black woman named Bertha Berman who patented her design in 1959.  So add fitted sheets to the list of things that I am older than!


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  1. shoreacres says:

    Now, that’s interesting. I knew that fitted sheets were relatively new, but I didn’t realize they’re ‘that’ new.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I expected to find that we were that up to date in buying them here. However, I do not know when I got the first ones. I preferred color sheets when I had a choice.

  2. Oooo- created the year I was born— now it was wonderful that she made fitted sheets because it is not pleasant sleeping on a bed consisting of two top sheets as the bottom one will inevitably come untucked, wrinkled and will bunch up — but as to folding— well I just wish our dear inventor would have thought to includ a folding tutorial!!!!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Sammy asked me for sheets last night. I only had flat ones to give him. I was surprised at how nicely he had made the bed with two flat sheets. He has a queen bed; mine is regular so I couldn’t give him my second pair. Wasn’t a fitted one there anyway, was there? Maybe a little of his Merchant Marines skills showing through.

  3. floridaborne says:

    I remember being taught how to do a “hospital corner” on my sheet. There were even gadgets to keep the sheets from loosening. I believe they were called “safety pins.” 😂

  4. judyjourneys says:

    Oneta, I also remember those frozen sheets from the clothesline. Your post, however, made me recall that I did not know what a top sheet was until I went over the list of items to take to college. Then I realized we had been fortunate to have a bottom sheet.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I don’t think we use a top sheet when mom made sheets out of sacks. She probably used one on their bed since daddy got quite dirty being a farmer and baths not being convenient. Saturday night bath days! I do think the men folks washed off in the cattle tank more regularly than they had a bath in the old washtub. I’m sure that would have been preferable.

  5. atimetoshare.me says:

    You can tell that Julie and I are on the same page. My first thought was that Bertha should’ve included a set of instructions on how to fold those sheets and how to apply them without breaking your back.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Actually I know how to do a pretty decent job; I just don’t like to 😀 You can find instructions online, I think. I should check also, maybe they have come up with a new plan. Maybe you can roll them through a three inch pipe and pull them out nicely folded. I kidding you. 😀

  6. LOL! You learn something new everyday. I had no idea. 🙂

  7. Faye says:

    Interesting post. I was taught military hospital corners in their most rigid form when in the Citizens Military as a weekend warier in the 60’s Did not realize I was born before fitted sheets were made. Interesting post. Makes me want to find out when in UK and Europe these sheets were first used. Thank you.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes, find out and let me know. I don’t know where she received her patent. Night, Faye. Nope, you are ready for me to say Good Morning. Have a blessed day. I am good with Home Ec procedure if I have to be.

  8. ghostmmnc says:

    Well how about that! I figured fitted sheets had always been around, but now I find that I’m older than they are, too. haha! As of now I only use a flat one on the bottom, and just a soft blanket to cover up with. 🙂

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