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In part 2 of this series, I gave you a run down of my “sins” and what I believe was a progression to sin against God.  Sins against God are deliberate choices made in rebellion or disobedience to his word, … Continue reading

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Hope you enjoy this rerun.  It is near the top of all my posts as far as likes and comments.  I still get a kick out of it.  Come and grow old with me. ***************** How humiliating!  I had to … Continue reading

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Healthy is the child Who can cry vigorously When his hunger strikes! ************************ Image: Pixabay https://ronovanwrites.com/2018/10/29/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-225-strikehunger/

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Visiting the Chatterers

I’m sitting in with the BrewNSpew Chatterers today.  My first visit so be nice to me. I got a kick out of seeing what I had put on Facebook two years ago.  They had sent to me the status I … Continue reading

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My 82nd Thanksgiving and I ponder. Is there still a place for me? I wonder.   There are still new roses in spite of the freeze: From the north comes a cold biting breeze. Small child gives me a gift … Continue reading

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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – Scripture

In the following incident, I did not hear words but God gave me guidance by way of scriptures.  As I have said before, scripture is the most basic and valid of all God’s ways to speak to us.  Even knowing … Continue reading

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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – Sick Leave

Those who know me will confirm that I trusted God alone for my healing for almost all my life.  From the time my son was born in 1960 to November in 2012, I did not go to a doctor.  (I … Continue reading

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Nope, it was nothing like Joshua making the sun shine still! (If you don’t know that story it is in Joshua, Chapter Ten, Holy Bible.)  Granddad bootlegging whiskey!? In November I wrote about my grandfather in Meeting the Lord in the … Continue reading

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Just reminiscing about being a big-shot.  I had my fifteen minutes of fame—I’m being modest, it was more than that, more like forty-five minutes—ah, let me round it up to an hour with the “nice-to-meet-you’s” thrown in.  Let me tell … Continue reading

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In a few days Easter will be here.  A reminder again of the Resurrection story.  I’m so glad someone told me that story! My blogging experience has brought me a bit of a quandary that I have been thinking about, … Continue reading

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