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WHY SUFFER, Part 5 – Holy Spirit

Yesterday I ended my post with saying the Holy Spirit is a Comforter and gave the Bible illustration of Stephen who, while being stoned to death, saw Jesus. Today I want to discuss the role Christians should/could play in being … Continue reading

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PRAYER, Oct. 19, 1999

In looking through old material to find “healing” issues, I ran across this prayer.  I’m sharing it.  I treasure those years when I was much more faithful about prayer than I am now.  I recommend writing your prayers sometimes.  It … Continue reading

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MONDAY MORNING MEDITATION: Isaiah 42:12  “Let them (people) give glory to the Lord…”  But, Lord, you are all glory; you have all glory.  I have none to give to you.  Ahhhh, but I can acknowledge your glory. I acknowledge your … Continue reading

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My dad left some minerals rights to me more than 40 years ago. I have prayed that the Lord would grow some of that “seed” in my behalf. As I am 85 years old, I am thinking surely the time … Continue reading

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I sit and look across the lake.  Lights are beautiful.  I snap a still.  Then decide to do a video.  Beautiful as it whirls….. What’s happening?  The ferris wheel crumples to the ground. “Oh, Wow, what a shot! Reporters will … Continue reading

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(I had prepared this prayer for use in my Sunday morning class.  I have asked God to help me with a blog today.  This is the only answer in my heart.  Perhaps he will touch you to pray this with … Continue reading

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  I posted this three years ago.  I believe it bears repeating.   The very fact that God revealed himself as Jehovah-shalom (the God of Peace) indicates that his plan is to be with one in trouble instead of insulating … Continue reading

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The storm rages within,         at the rush of the wind. It’s now a gale, far past a breeze.         Blowing hats off ladies, and leaves off trees.         Tumbling winds … Continue reading

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  How many times have I prayed for something that is not God’s plan? My prayers turn to stumbling blocks to God’s plans. I desperately want an easy life for the people I love. I want security for the old … Continue reading

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PRAY – THAT ALL MAY BE HEALED – Jesus,  through you there can be: rest for the oppressed courage for the discouraged finances for the jobless forgiveness for the betrayed health for the sick comfort for the broken-hearted dreams for … Continue reading

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